The Next Generation of Business Cards


The card which helps you to get connected...


Durable aluminum card

Name and unique custom design on the front side

Digitally encoded business/personal contact info on the back

Durable engraved protective aluminum case


No need to hand over, just need to read the code with a smart phone, the contact information will be stored in the phone’s contact list

No need to print hundreds, just a dozen and it’s easy to make any kind of changes later

This is a NON-NFC Card, 100% RF safe, cannot steal your data because it needs

a direct visual (optical) contact between the card and the recipient’s smartphone

The Process

Step 1: Download the ORDER FORM onto your computer.

Step 2: Fill up the required fields and save it on your computer, then

come back to this page and continue with Step 3.

Step 3: Send the filled ORDER FORM using the SEND button

below via email. Attach the filled ORDER FORM and your logo

in vector format Please specify also the billing address.

Step 3: Use the PAYMENT button here below.

DOWNLOAD ORDER FORMHome_files/Metallic%20Business%20Card%20Fields.pdf